Cliff and Ivy - if the world is going to hell, we need music like this!

Jack Rabid, Editor,

They’re fast and furious, with terrific backbeat, drive, and punishing ferociousness, however doom-laden—forever savage, forever great.

Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover #89

Following two singles late last year, Alaska's goth duo has another, finally portending a forthcoming LP. But this hellraiser possibly signals a new approach... CliffMonk and Ivy Silence trade in the lashing harsh dancebeat post-punk for a speedy, breathless punk rock breakout. It's still werewolf dark, foreboding, and even ominous- the way you like it from C and I. But it's like a frantic X cover of a Germs song, or Rhino 39 and the Flyboys-era Flesh Eaters, and you won't need a second play to shout  "We're desperate, get used to it! - and "bring on that album!" 

Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover Magazine #88

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